Finishing Services

 If you dread weaving in ends, setting in sleeves, blocking lace shawls, etc., let us take care of it for you!  Costs vary by the complexity and size of the item to be finished.  The following should be used as a guideline but should not be considered to be a fixed price.  

Actual prices will be given at the time of drop off.


Finishing Services We Offer

Weaving In Ends /  Seaming / Grafting Stitches / Picking Up Stitches / Knitting Button Bands / Knitting Collars / Blocking / Sewing On Buttons / Making Tassels and Pom Poms / Making And Attaching Other Embellishments / Making And Attaching Fringe / Duplicate Stitching / Knitting Or Crocheting Edges

Estimated Costs

“The Whole 9 Yards” - Includes seaming, weaving in of ends and blocking for Adult/Teen Sweaters - $90.00

  • Add knitting of collar  - $18.00
  • Add knitting of button band - $20.00

Baby Sweater  - $65.00

  • Add knitting of collar - $10.00
  • Add knitting of button band - $15.00


Other Service Estimates

Blocking only for sweaters or scarves - $30.00
Blocking only for afghans, throws and lace shawls - $40.00
Blocking only for cowl, hat or mittens - $15.00
Weaving in ends (per 6 ends) - $3.00
Attaching buttons (per button) - $1.50
Knitting or Crocheting edges (per square inch) - $0.50
Setting in a sleeve (per sleeve) - $15.00