We did it!

It's hard to believe but we* actually did it!  We moved out of our old location and into the new one in just two (very long, very exhausting) days.  We are officially open for business as of 10:00am today, December 1, 2015.

The shop isn't quite as put together as we'd like but we made tremendous progress. The utilities are on, the parking lot has spaces available and
the first fifty (50) customers who make a purchase will receive a gift from Yarns in the Square.  

Once again it's:

Yarns in the Square
400 Lincoln St., shop #2 (which faces Rte. 3A and Trader Joe's)
Hingham, MA 02043

(781) 749-2280

The easiest way to get here is to turn onto William Terry Drive (either from Beale St. or Rte. 3A) and go to the Rockland Trust.  Turn to the right and then follow along the side of the building.  Our new sign is not up yet but if you see the "Learn Kids Learn" sign you've made it.  Look for the sheep in the windows! 

Hope to see you soon,


* The "we" included my parents, two sisters, neice, nephew, uncle, aunt, two cousins, a bunch of family friends, knitting friends and our Lois, Joan and Marianne.  Everyone worked really hard and many of us are sore today.  I did learn one important thing - if we ever move again I need to hire movers!